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‘Quantum Jump in Quantum Technology’: Breakthrough in quantum computing puts India in global leadership

India has been leapfrogging in the quantum computing domain especially in the defence sector. The testimony of the fact is that recently the Indian Army initiated the process of procurement of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems by issuing commercial Request For Proposal (RFP) and its deployment. Developed by QNu Labs – a Bengaluru-based Deep Tech […]

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Explained: What are rare earth elements, and why is India keen to join a global alliance to ensure their supply?

Rare earths are critical for a range of electronic products including electric and hybrid vehicles, to which India is committed. As the Covid-19 pandemic disruption and geopolitical tensions with China have demonstrated, the Chinese near-monopoly over their production and export creates major supply-side insecurities. As part of a global ‘China-plus-one’ strategy adopted post the Covid-19 […]

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